Hooks and Dragons

Hi, I’m Tracey, alias The Anxious Dragon. A 40 something year old steampunk. I live in the beautiful Forest of Dean with my husband and our two cats Ziva and Abby.

My two loves in life after Mr A and the cats are crochet and blogging, and Hooks and Dragons is where I showcase both.

Hooks and Dragons Crochet

Hooks and Dragons crochet is the small business I set up in 2016. I create bespoke crochet creations from unicorns to sports cars, novelty hats to items of clothing. Most items I make are specificallyto order, so can be customised to fit your specific requirements.

Hooks and Dragons The Blog

I started blogging several years ago at a time when I first became aware that I was suffering from depression. Many of my older posts have mental health themes, but a lot more are simply my observations about things in the news, my hobbies such as making crochet creations and all things strampunk, people, and life in general.

My posts are sometimes funny, sometimes helpful and sometimes they will make you completely rethink what you thought about an issue.

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