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My Covid-19 Story

Hello everyone. Today I’m talking about covid-19.  I imagine many of you are sick to the back teeth of articles and reports on the subject. And I can’t blame you, it’s nearly all you hear about these days.

However most articles focus on covid deaths or government responses. What they fail to address is the experiences of the people who survive. I think if more people understood what the virus does to the body and mind, there would be less of the ‘I’m young and healthy, so if I catch it I’ll be alright’ attitude around. So with that goal in mind I will tell you my covid story.

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15 Things That Really Piss Me Off

Hello everyone. If I had to describe my personality I would say I’m a pleasant,  cheerful person. However I must admit (and Mr A would most definitely agree) that the older I get the more short-tempered I can be. There are certain things in modern life that are guaranteed to make me quite ragey. Obviously some of these things are to do with the state of the world atm, Brexit, Trump etc  but others are little things that are possibly specific just to me. So for your  entertainment this week I’m going  to tell you what they are, and see if you agree with me.

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Spooky Trees – My Sunday Photo – 4/11/18

Hello everyone. Seeing at this weekend fits neatly between Halloween and Bonfire Night I thought I would have a load of photos to choose from. However the opposite is true so I have actually chosen a picture that I took a few weeks ago when Mr A was on holiday.

One day we took a visit to Caldicot Castle. I’ve shared pictures of this castle (and many others) before so won’t bore you with more. However we did see this rather magestic looking tree while we were walking around the grounds of the castle the other week.

I Love the way the light and shadows fall on the trunk and branches.

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Crochet My Little Pony – Pegasus Pony – Free Pattern

Hello everyone. Being the mum of grown children, I sometimes look at the toys my blogger friends review and think WTF!! Blind bags, slime and tiny little plastic things that will get sucked up in the hoover dont seem much fun to me, but one toy I do like are My Little Ponys. Probably because I use to play with them when I was a child. My Crochet my little pony is based on the modern version of this toy with cute little wings.
A white crochet pony with rainbow tail and mane and white wings

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How Do We Explain All This?

Hello everyone, I’ve realised its been quite a while since I’ve written a post that isn’t either a crochet pattern, parody song or blogger related. As someone who’s quite use to spouting my opinions on all sorts of issues, news stories and topics this is quite unusual behaviour.

You might think it’s because I don’t have anything to say about the state of the world today, and in a sense you would be right. It’s not that I don’t think about what’s happening, I have plenty of thoughts but how to put them into words is a different matter. The title of this post was prompted by something I read online the other day. It was a parent asking how they explain the state of the world to their child. I read the post and I didn’t have an answer. The rest of this post is probably going to be a little rambling, quite political and probably come to no conclusions, but I’m going on nether the less.

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I Love Sausage Rolls – A Parody

Hello everyone. I’m a big fan of food, so obviously I love cooking programs. One of my current favourites is The Great British Bake Off, so decided to write a parody song to honour it. When I thought about it there was only one song I could possibly use.

I was lucky enough to see the legend that is Joan Jett play live several years ago when she supported Green Day. During that gig I heard my friend sing some alternative lyrics to the chorus of the classic song I Love Rock and Roll. I have taken her lyrics and worked them into a full parody song (thanks Rie).

Two large sausage rolls

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Crochet Squid Hat – Free Pattern

Hello everyone. I’ve got a rather unusual crochet squid hat pattern for you this week.

This had was inspired by and made for a fabulous steampunk friend of mine Dr Cornelius Porridge. Porridge is a regular face at steampunk events and is also a stand up comic. It was during his stand up act that Porridge first introduced his fans to the squid hat and his alter ego The Bishop of Squid (all hail!!)

A bearded man wearing a neon yellow crochet squid hat and a bright red soldiers coat


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Chepstow Castle Open Doors – My Sunday Photo – 30/09/18

Hello everyone. This weekend I am indulging my love of castles. During the month of September Cadw the Welsh heritage organisation holds open door days im a variety of historical buildings in Wales. This weekend is the turn of Chepstow Castle and Raglan Castle. Mr A and myself decided to combine our weekly shopping trip with a visit to Chepstow Castle today.

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