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Crochet Unicorn Applique Christmas Stocking

Hello everyone, today I’m sharing another fabulous Christmas make with you. I initially designed this last year, but didn’t think I would make another one so didn’t write the pattern down. However I was asked to make another one this year, so this time I made certain I record it.

The finished stocking is approx 20 inches long.

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Crochet Elf On The Shelf Free Pattern

Hello everyone. I have a proper chrismassy pattern for you today.

Now before we go any further I do have a confession to make. I don’t like the original Elf on the Shelf. I think he’s a sinister looking little bastard who is probably really good friends with Chucky. However I was asked to make one for a friend’s daughter and I wouldn’t let her down.

I think my finished Elf has the look of the original while avoiding the sinister stare.

Crochet elf in the shelf. Red body, arms and legs wearing a red hat with a white pompom

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Crochet Grinch Free Pattern

Hello everyone. Back in December last year one of the big movies out for kids was the updated version of The Grinch. A friend of mine wanted a crochet Grinch for her daughter, because her daughter loved the film. However because she is only a little tot, my friend wanted a friendly looking crochet Grinch.

This is the pattern I came up with. He looks more puzzled than scary which is just how I wanted him.

Crochet Grinch

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Crochet Snowman – Free Pattern -Off The Hook

Hello everyone. The second of my Christmas patterns is this really cute crochet snowman. He is quite simple to make but looks great.

Crochet snowman. Wearing a black top hat, and a blue fringed scarf. A carrot nose, black eyes and three black buttons

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Crochet Reindeer – Free Pattern – Off The Hook

Hello readers and crocheters. Over the next few weeks I shall be sharing with you some really cute Christmas items. I’m starting this week with a crochet reindeer. With his brilliant red nose I think he would look fabulous in any Christmas display.
Three pictures of a crochet reindeer with a red nose. One from the front, one from above and one from behind.

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