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Crochet Blaze Monster Machine Free Pattern

Hello everyone, this week I’m sharing another of my patterns with you. When I was first asked to make Blaze I was a little stumped for no other reason than I hadn’t heard of him before. But I have been reliably informed that it’s a cool cartoon and Blaze is a worthy hero. Although there are a lot if peices involved in making the truck it requires only a basic understanding of crochet techniques, so is a great beginner pattern.

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Crochet Jet Plane Free Pattern

Hello everyone. Can you remember way back in the day when Top Gun first came out? I bloody loved the film even though I’m not a¬† fan of Tom Cruise (it was alway Iceman for me). The main plane in the film was the iconic F-14 Tomcat. I only learnt this fact recently when a friend asked me to make her a crochet fighter jet plane based on the film for her young son.

He loves the film, and knows all about the F-14 so it had to be a convincing¬† crochet fightet jet plane. I’m glad to report he gave the finished plabe his full seal of approval.

Crochet fighter jet


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Crochet Race Car – Free Pattern

Hello everyone. Today I’m sharing my pattern for a crochet race car. As you will have seen by now if you subscribe to my blog for my crochet patterns a vast majority of them are animal based. As such generally appeal to younger children (although I have made dragons, unicorns and elephants for adults too).

I was messaged about a year ago by a male friend of mine. He loved my work, but wanted to order something a bit more grown up and dare I say it a touch more masculine than my usual work. He sent me a picture of a fabulous green racing car (a Ford Focus RS) and asked if I could make it. My first thought was no sodding way! But then I took another look and began breaking the car down into the different panels (it helps having a son who has been car mad from an early age, and loves to share his passion with his mum).

It took a lot of time, effort and ripping back before I got a basic shape I was happy with, and then I was able to play around with the details. The final car looks awesome. And despite having a fair number of component parts is actually quite simple to crochet.

Picture of gree crochet race car along the bottom pictured from the side, top left is a picture of green crochet race car from in front top right a picture of the green crochet race car from behind

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